From humble beginnings..

I had always wanted to learn to crochet and after many failed attempts I gave up. I don’t have the best patience in the world and like things to happen instantly, so mistakes are not an option when it comes to learning new things for me.

One time I tried to learn from a book of crochet patterns and trying to learn from pictures was not easy. I could chain no problem at all but doing anything after that was way too complicated for me to wrap my head around. I gave up. I may have even thrown the book out that I spent a bit of money on and then hid the hooks away never to be seen again for quite some time.

I have a school friend and we talk almost daily about life, kids, The Walking Dead and many other things and she mentioned that she was crocheting things like blankets, beanies etc and I thought that it can’t really be that hard and then asked her is she knew an easy way for a total noob to learn how to crochet.

I was quickly directed to YouTube where there are many beginner videos there to watch and I found one that I thought suited my needs and went about learning to crochet. I dug out those hooks that I knew I had somewhere and found some yarn that my daughter had sitting in her room from teaching her to knit and then I finally crocheted more than a chain. I practices on swatches, single crochet, half-double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet. I was actually doing it and although it was rough, and my finger was sore from the weird way I held my yarn, I was actually producing something that was wonky, but a definite thing!

Holding the yarn is the hardest thing to figure out (well for me it was!). I couldn’t master the wrap around the pinky and feed over the index finger right away. I used to bend my left index finger over the yarn, which was a little too tight tension-wise and after a while my poor finger was feeling like it needed a long holiday on a tropical island.

One day, I finally got it. That yarn went around my pinky, over my index finger and slid off nicely as I wove it into handmade masterpieces.

I am still very much a beginner. I am learning new techniques and polishing my skills as I go but I am having fun and that to me is the main thing. Having a hobby that I can do at home, in the car, on holiday and its not too cumbersome to lug around is also an added bonus. I am never bored if I have my hook and yarn.

My fist completed project was a gorgeous shawl that I made from the most divine yarn. I made it to take back home to Tasmania with me as it’s cold there most of the time. I made my shawl while the Olympics were on last year (2016) and I took my shawl all the way back to Tasmania in September and brought it all the way home to WA again without even wearing it once. I showed it off, you bet I did. My first ever crochet project in it’s complete form. My mother in-law ooh and ahh’d over it and told me I done an amazing job for a beginner. I was so pleased she liked it as this woman is a ‘hooker’ from way back and has made many things in her lifetime.

My next project was a little smaller. I love the Diana Gabaldon Outlander series of books. When the tv show was released it inspired some great hand crafts and there is patterns on the internet for some great things that Claire would wear in the 1800’s. I have friends who are also raving Outlander girls and I decided that I would make an Outlander Cowl. This pattern is so easy to do. I am in the process of making a third one for another friend of mine. I have made two of these so far and feel I will make quite a few more when I get around to it.

Just last week I finished my first ‘Granny Square’ project. I thought about making may ‘granny squares’ and putting them together to make one blanket. But this beginner was feeling a little overwhelmed with all that stitching together and decided to go with a continuous granny square to make a blanket for a pram, play mat, car blanket…you get the idea.

I am planning on gifting this to a friend who is pregnant and can’t wait to catch up with her and have coffee and talk all things baby with her. My own kids are way beyond baby years and I am enjoying my friends having babies and look forward now to being an Aunty in the future.



So as I learn more, I want to share my journey with other aspiring ‘hookers’ and hope that in the coming years I will create a huge catalog of items that will impress and warm peoples hearts when they receive my gifts made from the heart.

Happy hooking!




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