Family matters.

I grew up around knitters and the occasional crocheter. I learned to knit as a girl and also taught my own daughter the basic steps to knitting so she knew what to do to get herself started one day if and when she wanted to.

My aunt has always been a fantastic knitter. I had a project in high school once that required students to submit a hand knitted garment. Well, the basic skills that I had gained from my Nan and Mum years prior were not enough to get me a completed item to be handed in and marked on. I went straight to my Aunt who has the most perfect knitting that I have ever seen and asked her to whip me up a baby beanie for school and I got top marks for that project!

I was sitting down yesterday evening, doing a bit more work to my current project and realised it had been a bit of time between my last conversation with my Aunt. I sent her a text, just to let her know I was thinking about her as I was working on my crochet. Next thing, my phone is ringing. It’s her! She rings all excited that someone in the family is actually ‘keeping it going’ in the hand crafts department and that she loved that I was crocheting. We spoke of blankets, which she made for all her grandchildren over the years. I mentioned I was learning a few fancy patterns and that I love Pinterest for a resource to find cool things to make. My Aunt is tech savvy, has seen Pinterest in her travels but never really looked into it until I said ‘what are you waiting for?’. Hopefully last night she got onto the best internet creation since the internet and had a blast looking at all Pinterest has to offer.

So, Pinterest is my most favourite ways to find patterns. I have pinned so many and have made a couple from there so far. If I find something that looks a little hard or that I haven’t seen before – my next favourite place to hang out is YouTube! Video tutorials are the way to go. You can watch, pause, re-watch and so on until you get it right. I am glad I have unlimited internet at home or else my video watching, combined with everything else we do online would be cause for concern come bill time!

My Nan was a great knitter, and I vaguely remember her doing some crochet too. I do remember that she had hand made things in her house. I have another Aunt, she can also crochet. When she came to visit me last year I told her of my new skills acquired from YouTube and she gave me some tips and was excited to see that I can crochet.

My mother in-law is also good with a hook. She does a lot for herself, charity and for her 100 year old mother – who in her own right was a fantastic knitter and ‘hooker’ in her day. The eye let her down now, but it doesn’t stop her from having a go. She will knit and the dropped stitches will be picked up by her other set of eye’s in her daughter. It’s team work!

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to crochet. You can do your own search and find what works for you. I have had great success with this video from SimplyDaisy and I have referenced her videos many times to find new stitches to learn and refresh my memory on ones I have already learned but forgotten sue to lack of practice. I hope that you find this useful as you strive to learn the art of crochet.



1 thought on “Family matters.”

  1. What lovely memories. Mum taught me how to knit and we have been learning how to crochet together. Nan (Mum’s Mum) owned a wool and fabric shop when Mum was growing up, so she learnt to knit and sew from her Mum. It’s a wonderful skill to pass down from generation to generation.


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