So many projects…

I can’t be the only one who starts multiple crochet projects and switches between them? I currently have three works-in-progress. Up until this morning it was four!

I did manage to complete a long over-due project that I promised for my friend for her birthday, way back in December! I am pretty sure she must think I have forgotten about it. I will surprise her next time we meet up for breakfast. My friend and I are mad Outlander fans. I have several friends who just love the series of books and now of course, the TV series. If you are an Outlander fan you will be well aware of the fantastic costumes from the show and may even want to make the Cowl for yourself or your Outlander-loving friend. I have now made three of these, one for another friend, one for myself and of course the one I finished today. I have a gorgeous green yarn here to make one for my mother-in-law.


I have continued with the ‘April’ Blanket, and can report that the namesake has had her calf and both are healthy and happy! My blanket is also healthy and happy, just on hold until after I complete a commissioned piece for another friend who is pregnant with her first baby, a girl.

I am following this pattern of a Cosy Stripe Blanket. This is a very easy to follow guide for a cute blanket that you can easily make for yourself or a loved one. I have plans to make this again very soon with some different colours that I have in mind for my future niece/nephew.


I am only a short way through this project as I just started it on the weekend (it’s now Wednesday). We were lucky enough to find the colours we needed at Big W. We looked in Spotlight before we were told but a customer that Big W had some wool going out cheap!

Love a good bargain.

While I was at Spotlight I found Caron Cakes! I had seen these mentioned in posts on Facebook crochet groups. I looked online for them and at the time I could only ship them in rom the US if I wanted to and there would be postage on top of exchange rates etc, so I left it alone.

I took this photo of the 7 cakes and when I come back after I decided that I was going to buy two, there were literally only 3 left on the shelf! I think I might make my daughter a throw blanket for her bed with them…after I finish my other projects! Here is a link that gives 19 ideas for using your Caron Cake!


With that, I had better go and get one with the next row of pink!

Happy hooking!


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